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Corruption Corrector

SourceForge.net Logo Corruption Corrector (CCorr) is a program designed for fixing corrupt files. It is for situations when you have (downloaded) many copies of the same file, but all of the copies are a bit corrupt. If the corruptions are in different parts of the file, it is possible to combine the good bytes from each file and get an uncorrupted copy of the file.

At first CCorr creates checksums from the files at regular intervals (e.g. 16KB) after which the files can be compared to locate the corrupted parts. The user chooses which parts are corrupt and which are good, after which CCorr writes a combination of all the good parts into a new file, and thus fixes the corruptions if possible.

Corruption Corrector is being developed by Esko Luontola, alias Jackal von ÖRF (ORFJackal). It has been made using the Java programming language and is licenced under the GNU General Public License (GPL).

Copyright © 2003-2004, Esko Luontola